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HER LENS brings together women from various cultural backgrounds with a common interest to tell their African stories. The participants are trained in the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. At the end of the programme, they produce a short film.

The first edition of HER LENS film boot camp took place in Nairobi in 2017. We had twenty- two applicants and selected six women to go through a 3-week intensive workshop. They produced a short film “The Verge”, which was screened during the 4th edition of UDADA International Women’s Film Festival to great audience appeal.

HER LENS Film Boot Camp & Residency:

  • Trains young women and girls to tell stories.
  • Encourages women and girls to take up roles in filming that are stereotypically considered as male roles.
  • Trains emerging female producers, writers, cinematographers, directors, gaffers, sound engineers, production managers, art directors, casting directors, costume and makeup, design artists, and editors.
  • Runs mentorship programmes to produce film-centric ‘trainer of trainees.’

To be the leading women’s shorts, serialized content and new media film festival in Africa.

The Udada International Women’s Film Festival was the first of its kind in Africa to feature the works of women in different genres: drama, comedy, fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films. Borne out of the need to recognize women’s participation, contribution, and support of cinema internationally, Udada’s desire is to create and foster sisterhood(s) in film around the world, from emerging to established filmmakers.

Since 2014, Udada has screened over 500 films from all genres, trained 300 filmmakers from all walks of life, run 30 workshops, supported at least 15 productions, and had an audience of over 3000 film enthusiasts.

Udada’s purpose as a festival is to position women, their diverse and complex stories, and their contributions to filmmaking front and centre internationally. We endeavour to disrupt how women are portrayed in cinema and to train more women in leadership positions, creating avenues for women and women’s stories to acquire funding and platforms for distribution. Udada breaks open more spaces for the empowerment of women filmmakers and production of female-oriented stories, changing the narratives.



UDADA International Women’s Film festival has been co-producing with other film festivals in Africa, Europe and USA for the last five years through holding capacity building workshops, screening films by women. Our goal is to connect young women filmmakers globally, acquire revolving funds locally and internationally, encourage skill exchange internationally and enhance distribution of the films produced by women.



Since the inception of Dada Trust, we noted that there was a need to mentor young girls and also give internship opportunities to young women fresh from college and universities by linking them to the different production houses and projects within and outside of the trust. We started a mentorship program of training young girls in the various forms of art, we have worked with schools across the country to carry out capacity building workshops. Our goal through mentorship is to empower young women in leadership roles, self- expression and assertiveness. We equip them with different life skills with the idea of using art as a main tool of communication and expression. We also celebrate these girls during the International Day of The Girl yearly.


This program is specifically tailor made for women who have worked in the film industry for at least three years and they are interested in sharpening their skills. We curate the masterclasses for specific skills that are also relevant in the industry both locally and globally. It gives the women an opportunity to compete almost fairly in the male dominated industry with the said skill set. We have carried out masterclasses in acting, producing, pitching and we have also started training in new media focusing on Immersive Storytelling; Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality as we believe that this is the future of storytelling. The masterclasses run for about 2 months depending on the specific skills. The outcome of these classes is short film that is produced by the women who were selected for the training.

Film boot camp trainings and Residency (“HER LENS”)

Mentorship and Internship